Open source backend firebase alternative to use with Appgyver

Hi guys, I’m starting with Appgyver, I would like to know if you could recommend me some Firebase alternative to use as backend for my app ( I have no budget until now).

I want to develop an app just to send messages between people. For example I can send a message asking a question to an expert about some topic and then he can reply me. I seems not that hard to do but as I sad, I’m a beginner , I would appreciate your help.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Jesus. Firestore is simple to set up and use and there’s a bunch of tutorial online.
If you are starting I believe the free plan is enough for you. Even if you go above the free plan it still a very cheap solution. For example: it’ll cost you about 4 cents read 100,000 docs and 10 cents to write 100,000 docs. It means that if you model your data in a way that each message is a doc, that will take 100,000 messages sent and read to charge you about 14 cents. Take a look at prices with more details here

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Hi Jesus
take a look at my post. I am starting to use Postgres.

Best regards

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Wow! I didn’t know that, that it could be so cheap, I read somewhere that some developer made a mistake implementing Firebase so he ended owning like $30,000 USD or something like that for using it. From that history I was afraid to use it because I am a beginner and I didn’t want to do something similar jeje , so thank you very much for the way you explained it :smiley: , do you know some tutotial in specific that you could recommend me? It would be great, Thank you very much for your help Alan !!

thanks! I will check it for sure !!