Open source licenses

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I’ve noticed that the AppGyver preview app contains a “Licenses” link below the log-out button that lists all the licenses of the open source components the preview app builds on.

I assume that any generated app also contains open source components. Does this mean that my app also needs to display these components’ licenses? As far as I understand, an open source component with a BSD license, for example, would require its copyright statement to be accessible somewhere in the app.

If this applies to generated apps, then maybe it would make sense to have a “show licenses” component in the marketplace, which displays all the legally required information. Complying with any licensing requirements would then be as easy as dropping that component on the “about” page of my app.

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Has this been answered elsewhere?

IMHO, if your app includes third-party components, you are obliged to show them elsewhere.

This should be done automatically.

If an “About” menu or icon is always included, it should link to that information within.

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