Open url flow function with post parameters

Hi there

I am trying to download a file from our backend. Since the “download” flowfunction does not work for me since it has a query parameter in it and that’s not supported according support.

Because our backend needs a login I added a “http request” flowfunction before with the authorization.

Now I am using a simple “open url”. Problem is, that the authorization now is needed again since it opens safari. So I have to manually login in Safari and when clicking again on the link in appgyver while logged in in safari I am able to download the file.

Question is: How could I “transfer” the post parameter to safari in such a way that I don’t have to do the login manually there? Or is there a simple server side solution (microsoft server)?


anyone with an idea on this?

Perhaps you could try using a WebView or if possible, redirect back to the app from the login and then using this event: Events - AppGyver

@Mevi thanks for your reply. It took me a while to work on this again.

I I tried already with the WebView. On the global canvas I handle the login with a http request and that is working. When using the webView I am able to access the files directly.

Problem is just, that the file is not shown as a “file” but as a binary.

That’s how a pdf is looking:

Using the pdf preview is also not working because the url to the file has query parameter in it.

and that’s how a calendar file is looking:

So instead of downloading the source it is shown to me.

When I use the open url flow function then safari is triggered and the login is “gone”.

Thanks again for your help

Oh my goodness. Would it be possible to load the pdf onto the device somehow, save it to on-device storage or similar where it could be accessed more easily?

@Mevi I wouldn’t know how.

I have two options:
Option 1: I just leave it as a link with query parameters. Then safari will be opened, I have to do the login manually. Then open my appgyver app again and click once more onto the link. Since I am logged in into with safari by now the file gets downloaded

Option 2: I emulate the login with a http request in appgyver app and then access the file. With the results above


:confused: I’m sorry, I don’t really have any more ideas… I would recommend searching online if others have had issues with pdf preview in react native when there are query parameters, or similar. If you find some solutions that way, you might be able to fix this / I can try to see if they can be fixed.