Open Video Player Issue


I have been trying to integrate a video into my app. I tried using the Open Video Player flow function, but it doesn’t open the URL (using a youtube link to test). Instead I just get a grey screen without the video loading. I am using an Android, though have tested on iOS and encountered the same issue.

The Open URL function opens the url on youtube, but it breaks immersion. So ideally would like people to be able to easily navigate back after watching a video.

Not sure why the Open Video Player flow function is not working for me. Would appreciate any help here.


Is this an issue that’s been worked on? Or is it something that only I am encountering? Would appreciate any feedback.

No Response? I assume I am not the only one getting this error. Would appreciate any feedback.

The description on the Open video player flow function’s Video source is bit a misleading. The External URL means a direct URL to the video e.g., so unfortunately youtube links do not work.

I don’t quite understand. To my knowledge to create a URL the video has to be hosted somewhere (e.g. a cloud service), so what does a direct URL mean? Does the video need to be hosted on it’s own site?

What Direct Url means is a direct link to the file itself, such as .mp4 or .mov or whatever video file. Youtube links are not direct file links they are streaming endpoints.

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My video is stored on Xano. Xano gives me a Direct URL like


The URL works. I checked it in a browser. However, is doesn’t work with the Open Video Player. The not very helpful error message is “Unknown error occured while opening the video player.” (and the word occurred is misspelled as well)

What am I missing here? Any suggestions?

I tried linking a .mp4 URL to the video player as well and I get nothing on web or app previews. No error. Just goes back to the default project selection page. Have any of you managed to get the video player working?