Open Video Player throws error when trying to play video


I am trying to get “Open Video Player” to work. I have a simple button that triggers “Open video player”. The specified URL is
However, I am getting an unknown error.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hi, Mariano_Martinez_Pec:
I tried that “Open Video Player” and I cannot get it to work either. I am not sure if my solution is what you are looking for. Here it is.
What I did was I used the “Open web browser” and I tied it to a button. In the “Open web browser”, I use a youtube video url. When I click the button, the Google Chrome brower tab (on my laptop) opened. The youtube video played.

Thanks! The problem is that I need to play files from the local filesystem… this test on a remote file was just a test…but my ultimate goal was the filesystem :frowning: