Open Web Browser flow function problem

In the Open Web Browser flow function tou can’t see the Cancel button at the top left (its barely there with white text). Didn’t there used to be a Back Arrow there in previous versions?

Hmm, as far as I understand, plugins have gotten updates in the recent versions, which is probably what causes this.

Please make a report at our tracker to get this forward – it should be possible to at least modify the button color so that it’s visible, if nothing else.

Do you have an update for this?

I’m having the same issue

The white cancel button is happening for me on webview’s as well as anything modal with a cancel button

In my case the url is opening in a new browser tab in web preview. The same invisible cancel button issue in Android preview app

Hi! We will soon be working improvements to all our components / flow functions and will take styling the cancel button into account.

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still waiting for this upgrade… really have issue with user just closes the app because they don’t see any option to go back…
please priorities fixing this issue.