Open Welcome Page not opening after login

I have tried to set up my welcome page to open after logging in. The open page function for some reason is not working for me. When I try the dismiss initial view, it goes back to the sign-up page which tells me the login logic node works till the point of opening the welcome page( Please see screenshots). Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue? Thank you all for your help! !

Hi there. The image you including in the link doesn’t seem to show login and password input fields, so I’m a little confused there as to how you’re managing the login details. But I’ll leave that to you and assume it works, as you’ve said.

The first question: Are you absolutely sure your logic is sound in the logic flow? If you’re not triggering errors, then chances are pretty good you haven’t actually set a page for the Dismiss Initial View logic to actually carry the user to. Let’s go through that:

It all seems to be largely linked to the Navigation menu settings which, if enabled, is the sidebar with icons in our web app – looks like this in the Preview:

Go to this tab in Composer’s global toolbar:

There are two methods I’ve found to work with our Backendless setup.

  1. If you want to keep the sidebar, set whatever page should be loaded next after logging in to be the first in the list. For us, “pUserProfile” would be the logged-in user’s profile, so it would be set like this:

• I will point out that errors do seem to occur if you have more than one object in that list, so you might just want to do away with the default sidebar altogether (or build your own), in which case…

  1. Set the default sidebar to No in the Enabled? drowdown field, and then set the Page to that same page you want to load in after Dismiss Initial View is fired in your button logic – as seen here:

Assuming your login logic is fine, that should fix your issue. I believe this might be a bit of a hack as we’re basically telling the app to load in the (in our case) the profile page first, except it can’t load in if the user is not logged in, thus, defaulting to either our main Welcome page or the login page.

Also, you might want to make go into your Auth tab and make sure that a proper initial page is set. In our case, that is our Welcome page which has links to, both, the login and Register pages.

Thank you @Dominik_Greene! Your suggestion worked. I am able to get the welcome page after login! Thank you!

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Glad that worked for you, Oga. Good luck. :slight_smile: