Opening a Custom Google Search URL from AppGyver

Hi there! I’m really new at no-code and also with AppGyver. And I also have almost 0 knowledge with coding.

I am trying to create an app that can mimic Google’s advanced search site: OR site: feature. And on the AppGyve app I’m currently working on there are three input fields (one for the “search bar”, the other two are where I can enter the sites) these three will yield a “search term OR” on a paragraph below (which will be hidden). I also have a search button that when clicked redirects me to Google (

What I want to do is when I click the search button it would redirect me to Google ( + the yielded “search term OR”.

So for example:

Search bar: cloud
paragraph: “cloud OR”

when Search Button is clicked, it will open Google with a custom URL specifically for this search: “cloud OR”


Sorry for the late response!

So where are you getting stuck? In a nutshell, you would use page variables for each of those inputs, so you’d have pageVar.site1, pageVar.site2, and pageVar.serachTerm. Then you can use the flow fntion Open Url and set the url to a formula which would be something like
"" + pageVar.searchTerm + "site:" + pageVar.site1 + "OR site:" + pageVar.site2

Maybe you’ll need to add URL_ENCODE to your formula as well. If you want more information about working with variables, check out these tutorials :slight_smile: