Opening pages shows blank screen sometimes

What is the key to getting an app screen to open and display the intended components and data all the time? In the build version of my app, every one in a while when I click on an item and pass the param to the next screen, the screen is blank. If I close the app and restart, everything is fine. Sometimes it is blank, sometimes it is not. Has anyone experienced this and is there something I can do to ensure the app always displays what is intended? Can anyone advise me as to the most stable runtime? Is there any way to go back to the old ones, because they were a lot better.

I´ve been happy with 3.3.5. Long may it remain!

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I was happy with the 2.1.15 or whatever it was. But we really need to beg them not to get rid of 3.3.5 as they did with the 2s, as the next runtime up creates a build so huge it cannot viably be published.

3.3.5 has to go - it doesn´t meet iOS requirements now . VERY SAD !!

What is the issue, and is it something iOS changed, which they have been doing ever since their inception.

It’s an updated SDK requirement. Appgyver only support the latest in 4.x.x

Yes they keep updating their sdks causing breaking changes. That is there business model. That is why I am on a mission to build a new app store and device. I just need to find some good people who will help with the android source code i forked. It is open source and we could make it much more free and open.