Operator OR || not working?

Hello, Could somebody please explain why I got error in the formula? Thanks!

Indeed IF can’t accept OR this way.
It’s rather like that:
IF(id==2, true, false) || IF(id ==3, true, false)


thanks for reply Fred, will try to implement that! :slight_smile:

You can also do it in the format:

IF(id==2 || id==3, true, false)

A little more concise if you’re performing the same IF operation on both matches.

Note that when setting Visibility, as it takes a true/false you don’t actually need the IF statement at all - you are essentially saying “if this is true => Return True, if this is false => Return False”.

If I’ve understood your case correctly you should just be able to provide the OR evaluation which will return true if it matches, and therefore make it visible:
id==2 || id==3

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Amazing, I did not know this trick! Sometimes, the OR or AND conditions are not accepted this way inside formulas. I guess IF formula is more flexible.