Option list dropdown import

Any way to populate my option list in my dropdown without entering each one? I have a list of choices of about 400…

You can use a formula binding from a list type variable like this: MAP(myOptionList: {label: item.field, value: item.field}). Replace myOptionList and field with real names from your variable.

Thanks, but I have the names as a csv file. Its not in my app.

Hi, then if you don’t want to have to input it manually, you’ll need to find a way to get it to the app first through an API.

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Done that now - and then? :slight_smile:

Hi, so if you have “Get collection” configured for your resource in the Data Configurator, you can

  1. first add a data variable to the page from that resource to hold the list of options
  2. then use the formula I provided in the first answer to bind the data variable’s contents to the dropdown’s options list.
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