Order management system

I am really new to Appgyver so i have a question about possibilities which i cannot find elsewhere.

We want to build a new order management system for our website, incl some CRM and ERP functionalities in it. We want to be able to create sales orders, manage inventory, do purchase orders, shipments etc etc.
System must be able to connect to our website with an API.
Is Appgyver able to build this kind of system?

If so, Are there any partners of Appgyver that offer help / services to achieve our plans faster? Have it partially build?


  1. Yes, this is very much in the core of the platform’s capabilities.
  2. You can contact sales@appgyver.com with a more detailed description of the system to be built, and we’ll get back to you – we have an in-house services team that has been delivering apps built with Composer Pro for several years now, and will definitely be able to help you out!

Thank you very much Harri for your quick reply.
I will create an overview with desired functionalities, just for your team to check if those are workable. We really love to learn the Composer ourselves but would surely need some help, great that help is possible :slight_smile:
We will be in contact, have a happy easter!

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