Output Formula For a Receive Event Node Associated to a Database Change

I wanted to extract the output of an Event node associated to a Database change event.

I read from the AppGyver documentation that this can only be done manually using formulas

["Currently, events do not expose their schema to Composer fully, so while there’s a definite

schema to the data available in the eventValue output of an event node, you need to manually

utilize it via formulas, e.g. writing “ outputs[:id].eventValue.params ” to access the parsed parameters"]

Can anyone assist with how to manually extract this information from the node event?

Sample of a couple of AppGyver event node output formula would be very much appreciated.

Any help with “Output value of another node” method when the Event source is a Data Change ?

Maybe this will help you:
I have a button that create a record in the database, and I want to see the Id for the new record in a message just for testing. Look at the image.

Hello Alsalem.Yousef ,
Thanks for having a look. I wanted the “Output value of another node” to connect directly
to the event-receive node (ie in your diagram, component Dialog “Toast” connecting directly to the Event “add_product_to_fav”). Also where your Event “add_product_to_fav” is a Data Change in the Event Source.

Please see diagrams below.


In my case the event was in the same page, another example for creating a record and show its id when the add button got clicked. You may add more explanation to what your are tying to achieve, so the other members can help you or suggest you a different approach.

Hello Alsalem.Yousef,
Am trying to “catch” the details of a database record change event. Be it a database record update,
a database record delete, a database record write event, etc.


Can someone please assist with getting information out of a event triggered Database
using AppGyver’s inbuilt “data change event source” ?

for example, getting the record ID of a deleted record in a database.

Hello @Harri_Sarsa , is this something you can assist with please?


Hello @Eduardo_Jaramillo and All,
Wondering if you’ve already seen this. Any idea would be very much appreciated.


Hi Lyn,

I have not had any experience with an event triggered by a Database change.
However, maybe this will be of some help. I found out that in many cases, the response from a function has to be assigned to a variable which schema matches the data in the response in order to be worked with javascript, and the output of the javascript node also has to have a schema matching the data of such output in order to be assigned to a variable.

Don’t think you can pass a payload with the event.

Hello @Sasu_Makinen,
Thanks for the response to the above subject. Just a quick question below: If the AppGyver Event Receive Node can’t pass a payload,

1-What sort of database change events does the inbuilt AppGyver Event Change monitor or track?

2-What does the Event/eventValue object in the “Output value of another node” of a Database in the below example:
“outputs[“Data ‘DatabaseVariable’ changed”].event” or “outputs[“Data ‘DatabaseVariable’ changed”].eventValue” return?