Output of REST POST Request (Object) not showing in Page Var

I made a firestore POST REST API query that returns a list of objects through the response body. Somehow it can’t be stored in a page var (which I declare to be of any value). Yet it shows alright if outputted to an alert.

The logic to my POST Request and outputting the body response as alert and page var (to which I display on the main canvas)

The object doesn’t show (blank part) unless it’s encoded to text. But I want to keep it as json and to access the values within


So you have set the value of Set page variable allGoals as the output of the Create Record node? Hmm maybe you could try setting the page variable type to a list of any values instead of any value.

Thanks Cecilia for the prompt reply.
You’re right, I made a mistake by treating it as an object instead of a list. Have gotten it fixed and it’s showing the output I want now.

Thank you so much once again! Have a great day ahead :slight_smile:

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