Output to a monitor

I am new to AppGyver and I have a question. I am building an app and want to project the output to a monitor. Is that possible?

Hi, and welcome to the community!
Could you please clarify a bit more on your question? Which monitor exactly are you referring to? And what output do you want to be displayed?

Pretty much any television. I want to use the app to broadcast cast its output to the television. Similar to transmitting a movie from your tablet to a television on the same network

At the moment, AppGyver supports Android TV previews and builds. You can find the preview in the ‘Launch’ tab in the toolbar and the build in ‘Distribute’ → ‘Build services’ in the same tab.

Interesting topic! Idk what it means by output to monitor but still it’s interesting!

I think youre talking about screen mirroring and thats not possible from what i know,
Maybe in the future, when plugins are available, it will work.

I can´t see why it wouldn´t work, as screen mirror is done by the OS, then you launch the app.

I don´t have a TV I can share to at the moment, but feel free to try my app and see if it works.

find the download link on www.adventure-hunt.com (its hard to find on the play and app stores).

It seems like I not explaining what I am trying to do accurately. As you now, you can broadcast a video from your phone/tablet to a television as long as the television and phone/tablet are on the same network. The app I am work on has a que for waiting clients after they sign in. I want to be able to broadcast the que on a television. Is this possible?

I understand exactly what you are saying.

What I am replying with is that this in not a function of the app, and should work from the phone if it is capable of mirroring I believe. For example, I can mirror my phone to a TV then open ANY app. It shows on the TV. The app has no idea where it is being displayed, that is all down to the mirror function on the phone.

I think I see what you are saying. the broadcasting is a feature of the device and not the app. Is that correct?

Yes, you can have the queue open on your phone and broadcast your phone’s screen to the TV. That way the queue will be on the TV.

Yes, thats it totally. Try it yourself with any phone that can share to a TV. Once you are screen sharing, you can open any app.