Padding and Component Spacing (Margins)

It would be great to see the addition of link icons for padding and component spacing which when selected would allow for either Left and Right or Top and Bottom or Top, Right, Bottom and Left values to be set simultaneously when any one value is set rather than having to set each individually.

This assumes that the values you want to set for each side are of course the same.

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Hi, I think it’s not the fastest but it’s more practical. You have the same precision of development with code.
You always have the opportunity to create a component with the rules you want.

Hi Bertrand,

You would still maintain that precision by being able to change each side individually as you have now when the link icon wasn’t selected…

I’m still very much learning Appgyver and perhaps making a few comparisons to Webflow (which is excellent) and has the option to hold down Alt and mouse drag to set Left, Right or Top, Bottom padding and margin settings simultaneously as well as Shift Alt with mouse drag to set all four sides simultaneously which is incredibly quick and intuitive but also means you can still set each side independently as well…

I’m all for finding ways to reduce repetitive tasks where possible…

Ok, I see. Of course it will facilitate.