Paddle implementation via webview?

I’m a non-developer looking to build my social media application on Appgyver. I want to have a premium, subscription-based offering for business users, and I plan to use Paddle’s Merchant of Record service to offload some of the operational burden and compliance risk of operating in multiple markets.

I know that native payment implementation is not possible until the third-party components support is rolled out. That said, in the near-term, is there any obstacle to using a webview to allow users access to our self-service portal? I am currently looking to build our backend in Bubble and would use that service for authentication and to host our Paddle payment forms.

@SeanHoots, sorry to keep tagging you in posts (I guess that’s what being a rockstar gets you), but you alluded to doing something similarly hacky with Stripe. Do you think the above idea would be practical and effective as a near-term fix?

Thanks so much!


Hi there!

While I don’t know the details of Paddle’s service, I can comment on the Web View:
what it allows you to do is embed pretty much any web content via specifying a url.
So this should enable you to display forms hosted on Bubble (or any other 3rd party service).

In terms of integration you can also get events from navigation events happening in the web view, so this gives some avenues for integration as well.

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Thanks so much for the response!

@Akseli_Virtanen , How do you get events from navigation events happening in the web view? I think this may help with something I’m working on