Page Component Properties

Why is it that in a flow, sometimes you can get a component property, sometimes you can’t.

Example. I can set a drop down selected value in a URL check flow, but I cannot check the value in an IF or assign the value to a variable?


Can you explain a bit further, with screenshots if possible, on what works and what doesn’t even when you feel it should?

I cannot find where to SET color of font when a condition is met. 2 examples…

Hi, at least with font color the issue is that color is a style property and those cannot be accessed with the Flow function you’re using. Or with some other properties it could be that composite components (like the Input field you’re using) don’t allow you to access the “hidden” properties that need you to open the isolation view in Composer before changing those.

I think there’s a couple ways to handle this:

  • You can bind the color to some variable through Formulas like in this tutorial:
  • You can create a new composite component by yourself and make one of its properties “Text color” and bind that to the color OR edit the existing Input field to have one more property “Text color”

And if needed, you can read more about composite components here:

Thank you for all your continued support!