Page mounted and page focused / ¿BUG OR MISUSE?

Hi guys,

This time I have a big doubt with this two events type.

In this case, I have the next flow function connected to the backend in the HOME Page Layout:

What this flow function means?:

This mean if some APP’s Vars, are empty, then I check my database variable to find some information and show it. (I stored the information in app vars and store it there because I don’t want to check my database everytime I go to HomePage)

This is one example of the 9 querys I have:

STRING(REPLACE_ALL(FORMAT_LOCALIZED_DECIMAL(SUM(MAP(SELECT(data.new_shipments1, item.fields.shipment_status.stringValue !== "Entregado" && item.fields.email_creator.stringValue == && FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(item.createTime, "MMMM") == FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(NOW(), "MMMM")),NUMBER(item.fields.shipment_fee.integerValue))),"en",0,0),",","."))

Note: I just have 11 documents on that collection and now I have 4.6K reads, just login 1 time.

The problem is when I login and automatically go to the Home page, firebase keeps counting reads without stop, feels like I keep querying the database meanwhile I’m in the homepage doing NOTHING.

The event “Page Mounted” means “we do this meanwhile the page is mounted” or it does just one time?

What’s the difference between “Page mounted” and “Page focused” ?

Thanks in advance.

Finnaly I discovered there is an automatic configured loop when you make a “GET” query to the backend with the appgyver function.

I think this works for those that one keep always the info updated, but I just want to be updated when somebody trigger it through “pull to refresh”.

So this is how I solve my problem, “deleting the delay” function.

Thanks for those who readed this post trying to help.