Page not opening when using parameter (until logged in) Bag

HI i just realized that opening a page while passing a page parameter, is impossible in my app, until the user is singed in.
Of course the option, open page without authentication is used

If the same thing, is done using an app var instead of the page parameter, the thing works fine.
At last, the reason im not just using an app var, is that i need to use the parameter in a url for bringing users in the app.

Is this a bag or what? what cant i open the page unless the user is signed in even though im using the option for the authentication exemption?

Aslo i just noticed that when i launch the app via the main url the first page opens, but after signing in, the same page is shown as
And i have no idea why and where i should put the page parameter, as the second url cant be used to open the app, because it shows an error.

does anyone have the same problem with page parameters and authentication?

Maybe @Mevi or @Mari can help?

Hmm, I haven’t heard of this. When I looked at it, the parameter seems to work correctly on mobile, but in web the page doesn’t open at all on top of the login page, with or without parameter :thinking: That’s a bug in itself, but I couldn’t reproduce the specific issue you were talking about… :confused:

yeah the thing only happens in web, i will make a video to showcase it.

So Heres what i was able to make, as you can see in the first video, the user is automatically signed in (from previously) and the thing works fine.

in the second, we first log out and try to do the same and it doesnt work, but then we sign in and it works again (after signing on the top right it doesnt show that the user is signed in but thats a bug in my side in reaity the user is signed in)

I hope it shows what i mean @Mevi what do you think i should do?
and thanks for the help

Yep, I think this is related to the bug I verified yesterday. If you’d like a tracker bug ticket to follow for this, please create one at Please include the information that I have made a test for this with the id 65329-6-1.

I just made a case about that, here it is

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I don’t understand what you mean here.

I’ve read thru your thread as I’m trying to figure out the right setup for a passwordless login, wherein:

  1. a token is emailed to the user
  2. user clicks the link and is sent to

So my question is: can/should the token be defined as an app variable or a page var?

Hi, actually, there are quite a few problems with authentication, but the one that im talking about, goes like this,

if the user isnt signed in (if you havent dismissed the initial view)
and you try to open a page (that you have set as open page, without authentication)
the page doesnt open

also take a look here