Page parameters & events for modal open?

Do pages that are opened modal not receive parameters & events? Can’t figure out why events aren’t triggering and page parameter is empty.

Okay - figured out the events part (was using Alerts to test variables). Still not tracking on the page parameter.

Parameters should work fine – is the exact same code working for you if you open the page as a regular one instead of opening it in a modal?

Not sure why I didn’t think to check that - but, it does work when I open the page regular. When I turn it back to modal, it quits working again with no other changes. App ID 96997.

@Harri_Sarsa - any thoughts on this?

Parameters on modals are working in another app, so there’s something strange happening. Can you see if you can get a minimum repro case done in another app? Is the app currently in a state to repro this bug?