Page url customization

Is it possible to customize page urls? I’d like to create a web app that uses a “pretty url” structure like instead of In other words, I’d like to remove the extra characters and customize the page names.

It’s not possible right now. Afaik the new runtime and/or advanced navigation we are working on will have better looking url’s but don’t believe they are customizable either. Could be possible to make them customizable to an extent but not really on the roadmap.

@Sasu_Makinen please can you elaborate (high-levels) on how one might go about customizing the urls. Secondly, any rough timelines of when Afaik will be released as beta?

They’re really not customizable. Timeline is sometime during the fall.

noted @Sasu_Makinen.

Hello @Sasu_Makinen,
So the fall lies behind us and we’re just into 2021. :wink:
How about the customizing of urls in the web app?

We (as well) have been waiting for this feature, it looks really silly this way with the “page.Page3” thing, I’m sorry.

  • People don’t really want to install an app anymore these days for quick usage, so we are really depending on the web version.

Kind regards