Page variable not loading

Hi guys,

So, I have this page variable called ‘Truncate10’. Its initial value is 1

Certain elements and layout of element are dependent on this variable having a value of 1. In order to test, I wanted to see the truncate10 value on-page. So I created a paragraph, with the value set to truncate10
Though, the logic still is not working and I see no ‘1’ back on my page.

What can I do to fix all this? It seems like my page variable should be set to 1, but it is not functioning like it


there might be an issue in truncate10 being a number type variable and paragraphs wanting text type content. You can try either changing truncate10 to a text type, or changing the Content to a formula and use STRING(truncate10) to set the value to a text type

I changed the truncate into a text (even changed value to a text), but nothing was showing either

hmm strange! Are you able to get any content into the paragraph, if you just try with a static text? The only thing that comes to mind is that if there’s something wrong with the visibility or styling of the paragraph :thinking:

yeah, static text shows up!

It also seems that the problem is the specific variable that I try to display. There are certain settings dependent on the status of the variable and these settings are showing up in the wrong way as well.

I think that there is something wrong with the variables since a recent update, as everything worked fine before

Alright! Have you updated the components in the component market?

I just tried this and it seemed to work, let me know if anything differed in your approach:

  • I created a number type page variable and set its initial value to 1
  • I added a paragraph to my page
  • I assigned the content of that paragraph to a formula STRING(pageVars.my_variable)
  • I opened the app in the preview (both mobile and web, iOS) and the 1 was displayed in the paragraph

Is there some logic from your use case that I’m missing? I also tried by binding the content directly to the variable (without the STRING formula) and that worked too.

I do this exact same thing as you do, but nothing shows up…
Very strange

strange indeed! If you want me to take a look at your app to see what’s going on, could you provide me with your app id? it’s the number sequence found in your app url :slight_smile:

Yes sure!

it’s 180985

I am talking about the page called Get in the Conversation (page 15)

thanks in advance!

Are you sure that’s the right app id? :thinking: we got an error searching for it

Yeah, I am sure. This is the URL of my app:

Ah yes nevermind, my bad. I was able to reach your app. Everything looks like it should be working, I’m not able to check preview without login credentials, do you have any demo login info to share? You can send them to me in a DM also so they’re not public. Have you checked the debugger to see if the page variables get populated at all?

well, you can use it with these credentials:

email: emailtje
password: joe

Thanks! But now I’m not sure how to get to the Get in the conversation page :sweat_smile: how do I access it through the app?

You can also try opening the debugger from the Composer view, opening the appgyver web preview, clicking on your email address in the top corner and switching on Connect to debugger. Then when you open your app and navigate it you are able to see how your variables are being populated in the debugger :slight_smile: