Page Variables Not Resetting [Temporary Solution]

Hello all,

About a week ago, we noticed a new bug affecting all web application previews, causing all page variables to not reset when a user leaves and returns to a page. :confused: This is a critical issue that decreased our ability to use our web application, as it creates potential security vulnerabilities for forms and other pages.

A forum topic regarding the bug was created on April 9 about the issue, but no resolution was proposed and no fix was implemented. Link to original topic


To try to get around the issue, we developed a custom flow function which partly solves the issue by resetting page variable values when a page loads. You can install the function by searching the share code 9oDtF0K8ZuzMnQPUbuJ56w in the flow function marketplace.

To make the function work, simply connect it to the logic canvas when each page mounts. The flow function has the following parameters/properties:

  • Page ID : string (required): The current page that is running (in the format “page.Page” + pageNumber). A given page’s ID is listed under the page root’s property panel.
  • Don’t reset : list of strings (optional): Variable names that you do not want to reset. Leave blank to reset all page variables.
  • Default Variable Values : list of objects: List variables that you want to reset to custom default values. Useful for setting object property default values. Example value: [{ "var": "myPageVariable", "value": "Default Value" }]

Note: Variables with Object properties will be reset to a blank object {}, due to how AppGyver processes these values. Specify a custom default value for these variables with the “Custom variable values” parameter.


We are requesting the AppGyver team’s assistance in resolving this issue and allowing us to continue the development of our web application.

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Looks like the bug is not only when this :point_up_2: occurs but also when one manually empties a pageVar. Fine in the browser, not working in the preview app.