Page variables not visible inside a card

Hello everyone,
i was trying to add a formula with a page variable inside the title of the card, but the page variable is not visible in the menu formula, even if i write it, the result is not visible.

Hi, this should be possible – can you share a screenshot of what you’re doing?

Hi, i just have this homepage with the card


And i wanted to change the title inside the card using a formula with a page variable, but i can’t see it in the formula tab

These are the page variables

Hi, when you are using a composite view component (that consists of several view components, like the card), do the bindings from the Properties tab of the card without going to isolation mode. There the page variables are available.

The idea is that in isolation mode you can modify the composite component itself and its internal properties (i.e. what values are available in the Properties list when not in isolation), but making bindings to outside values (data, page/app variables) happens outside of isolation mode.

Oh well, now that’s clear.
I didn’t understand that there was this difference to use external variables.
Thank you

Another thing, i have another problem with “systemVars.dimensions.viewport.height”, because in a page it’s working properly, but in other 2 pages when i test it on my device, i have a section on the screen not covered.
What i’m doing wrong?

Hi, the viewport height excludes any navigation or top bars, you can also try dimensions.screen.height for the full height of the screen: (docs)