Page visibility option

Hello can anyone help me I would like to implement a profile page for the users
I need to create a page where users can fill the page with their info and I would like to make this page visibible only if the user doessnt have the page filled but if they do the page doesnt show (Only show if the user clic in profile icon)
Does anyone know how to do it?

In the visibility option of a ‘my profile’ button have a formula like this:

Where email would be a property in the profile document in your database. You could also use the userID which you generate when the user signs up.

So the profile page would always be inaccessible unless a button directed to this page is visible.

I´ve been trying but the record creates the page keeps showing if the user reloads the app
And I´d like to open the page (Complete Profile) from the page mounted not from an button
For example if the user doesn´t have registerred his name the page (complete profile) comes from the page mounted and just once not every time the user opens the app

This is the logic that i was using its connected to the page mounted and the condition is
IS_EMPTY(DATA.VAR.NAME) OR THE ANOTHER ONE THAT I WAS USING IS IS_EMPTY(outputs[“Get record collection”].records[0].Name)

But it keeps showing the page complete profile every time

We don’t understand what you want to do.
Please use this great translator to post understandable, structured English sentences.

The complete page falls into the TRUE node in the IF condition.
If you need to launch the PREFIL page if the user has EMPTY(NAME), you could apply this formula in the IF condition
IF(IS_EMPTY(DATA.VAR.NAME), false, true)