Pages in Marketplace

Hi all,

Can you tell me what happens to the pages that you publish to the Marketplace?

Is there a way to track them? Or remove them if you change your mind?


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By default, they are just privately available for you so you can share them between apps – if you make a new app with the same user, the page should be found via the marketplace search. You can also share pages (and other published components) privately via the share token.

You can also submit a component to the review queue, whereupon we’ll look at it and if it looks alright, make it publicly available for all.

There’s currently actually no proper UI to track what you’ve published other than what can be found by searching the marketplace, which is a rather glaring piece of missing functionality, nor is there a way to unpublish/remove published items. We’re hoping to get to improving that experience soon.

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Thank you for the response. I’m really enjoying AppGyver. Have a few more questions but will search the forum before posting them.
Again thank you and looking forward for new updates.


Hi! Is it possible to update or delete a published page ?

Hi! You can update the “published” page, but just to note, it’s not publicly available. It can’t be deleted at the moment, or I haven’t found a way :thinking: Though it might be if you delete the “original” page that it gets deleted. This feature has not been implemented to the point that it is usable.

Thank you mevi for the reply !

Hi, apologies if I’ve missed something - is the share page functionality currently missing?
I tested it a while ago, importing a page my colleague created from marketplace. I was trying it again just now and I am unable to find it via the Share Token, or find the one I published using the token…
Might be worth mentioning my account is the paid version (AppGyver Black) while his is the free version, not sure if this would impact it.