PageVariable does not pick up DatePick data

Hopefully someone can help me out here.

What I want is this:

  1. Opening the page, the date appears as Today (NOW())
  2. If the User wants the date can be changed to an earlier date.
  3. The NOW date or if the user selected an earlier date this is fed into the PageVariable “Date” and subsequently shown on the page.

You can see the logic here: Tap the field that shows NOW date, Date Picker shows up, min and max date work. Selection of a new date is OK.

Setpagevariable set to Output of Date picker. But it does not pick up the date from the datepicker. No matter what I set the Date variable to, even as text it will not pick it up.

Any ideas how this can be made to work? Thanks in advance

It seems nobody at AppGyver browses these forums.


How is your Datefield - field set up (I assume that’s where you show the variable value)? Can you confirm that the page variable itself doesn’t get updated and it’s not an issue with a formula? What device(s) are you facing this issue with?

Yes I can confirm that the page variable does not get updated, there are no further changes made to the Datefield.

I worked around it by using DataVariables instead of PageVariables, the DataVariables then go through a create Record process and are written to the datasource and then the whole thing works, but is that the right way to go?

I am not running it on any device just in the Appgyvr Test app on my Android