PageVars not setting a value to empty


not sure if it is a bug per se, but it seems like a one to us.

We have a chat page, where’s a chat input. There is basically the pageVars.send_message(text) set as an input field value. We then take this value and push it to the DB and after it is sent to the DB, there’s Set page variable node, that basically sets the value of the pageVars.send_message to nothing, so the text there should disappear. It won’t disappear unless I click somewhere else.

Is it just us experiencing this? If not, could the AppGyver team look into in, please?

Many thanks.

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Same problem:

I also have a check (it was working before), but now the App hangs, so I have to quit the settings to reset the var.


If you set a number the App hangs.

If you set a string the App does not set the var.

Yep. It does not even work on an iPhone preview for us. The only way is to leave the page which is not really the best practice on a chat, :laughing:. Hopefully they will fix it.

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