Pagination Control - Page Names

I’ve been searching the forum with no success.
How can I control the pagination control module to show current, previous and next page name? (see screencap)
What is the logic flow and what are the necessary variables I have to pass?
Thanks in advance

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you can do it manually btw. store pages name on each page in a variable and then use those variables to show the page names.

What kind of variables should these be??

Hey @Mevi, can you please help me with this? Can’t seem to find a solution.
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Hi! Pagination on one page would be done via page variables as suggested above. I would just store the index of the page you are on, and calculate the maximum amount of pages from your determined page size and how many items you have (e.g. The COUNT of data records you are displaying). The buttons would then increment or decrease this number, and items would be displayed based on it.

Life’s hard :sweat_smile:
I did this by attaching a replace page flow on next and previous buttons and manually placing a text with a page name. Manual work but i had only 10 pages :wink:
Thanks for your time Mevi