Parameters in update record function dropped

I think I found another issue with the latest update.

For some reason, the parameters in one of the update record REST API functions were dropped.

Snapshot of existing Update REST API …

What it should look like …

I had to re-add the function to get it to work properly.

Still going through my app but this seems to be the only DB update that was impacted. All my other updates are working fine.

Thanks for your report! We’ll take a look at this! Sounds like a bug to me. So re-adding the “Update data record” function helped for you?

Hi @Kimmo … Yes, re-adding the “Update date record” function resolved the issue. I have a number of update functions throughout the app and this was the only one impacted.

URGENT … this issue is now impacting all of my REST API update functions!!!

The auth and user-id params are dropping as soon as I bind data inside the record properties.

Re-adding the function no longer works.

When record properties is empty …

Then I can edit the additional parameters …

However, as soon as I bind a property …

Then the required parameters disappear …

Another observation … when I look at an existing update function the existing params are showing as obsolete. The function still works as long as I don’t change anything.

Opened bug report …

Thanks for the bug report! Wasn’t able to immediately repro at my end, but I pinged @Kimmo to have a look tomorrow.

@vereggen, thank you for additional information! I’m onto this issue right now!

@vereggen, we just deployed an update that should fix this issue! Can you confirm that the parameters are now correctly shown for you?

So far looking good!

The existing params showing as obsolete issue has been resolved.

Also, the params are staying visible when I bind data inside the record properties.

The only observation is that the params are no longer being enforced as “required”.

In the past, there was a red “required” message. Now the parmas are static text with an empty string and the “required” alert is not showing.

This doesn’t affect functionality and is more about usability.

Just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your responsiveness on this critical item.

Very impressed with the turn-around.

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Great to hear that it’s working now! Thank you for the information you provided, it helped us to identify the problem!

You are correct that the “Required” seems to not show up in this context with empty strings. We’ll look into that as well, but that’s just luckily just a minor usability thing and does not affect the app :slight_smile:

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