Parsing JSON into page variable list of objects

Hi all,

Can someone please enlighten me how i’d go about parsing my JSON output into a page variable so I can output to a table? This is the results of the POST request:

I’m actually using a HTTP POST requestion flow from a button to avoid the faff with get requests in the data variable flow:

With the page variable im looking to populate i’ve replicated the schema:

So far no major luck using formula but I know it must be possible as i’ve successfully got the first bet_id and applied it to a text variable using the following formula:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you need any other further information :slight_smile:


Use a formula like this:

DECODE_JSON(outputs["HTTP request"].resBody[0])

In this case make really sure that your page variable is the same schema and also if you need a list of objects then you have to adjust your page variable to get the whole list. As this is now only the first item in the array. Hope this helps.