Pass Array of Strings to Detailed Page

Hello Everyone,

I have two pages.
List and Detailed page. I am fetching data from Firestore. One of the fields “preReq” is a array or strings as shown below.

When the user clicks on a card on the list page, the detailed page is opened. On the detailed page I want to show the “list of pre requisites”.

I tried using an app variable. You can see how I am trying to set:

On the detailed page, how do I use this? I cannot select “app variable” for the repeat with property. I feel like I need to use a formula. Unsure which formula to use.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

What I do is create an App Object variable with whatever schema your repeated card data contains, make sure it matches exactly the data you are repeating with.

In your Container Tap event, you set App Object Variable = current
You can do this as a formula, you set the App Object variable = (formula: current) - ie: “current” must be set from inside the formula
So now the “current” card data will be stored in this App Variable that you can access on your Detail page.

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Thank you. you are awesome!! I created an app variable as “list of objects”. The object has just one property “stringValue”. Assigned the array values from the current record to this app Variable. And that worked out great.

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