Pass images of the carousel by clicking the arrows on the keyboard

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to know if there is any way to pass the slides of my carousel of images using the left and right arrow keys on my keyboard, thank you

Hi i dont think that thats possible but using your mouse to do it is definitely possible

You’re referring to keypress event listeners. I’m afraid those are not supported yet. While I would agree that they are critical for accessibility reasons (exclusive keyboard users, for example), an AG team member has already stated that things like this would be in the far, far future.

But if it’s something of long-term interest, feel free to track and vote on it here:

It’s because I’m creating a TV app and it’s not good to pass the slide with the remote control, I would like to know if there is any other way

Oh i dont know about that ive heard there are some special functions for tv app

Can you tell me a cool tutorial to create TV apps?

to tell y the truth ive never seen one but there is a beta in appgyver for tv apps

Where do I find this beta version?

Can you find out what these functions are?

to tell you the truth i dont know but im sure someone can help you