Pass the value of an input field from one page to another

I’m making a cart and I want to pass the amount value from an input field to the cart page

You can use page parameters for this. More to be found HERE

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cool, but that’s not what I’m looking for, I want to pass only the number that is inside an input field.

but, Thank you!

If you dont want to use a page parameter, where you can pass text but not number (which is not a problem) But an other way is to use an app variable which naturally can be accessed from all pages.

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Yea! It really works, but when you have several items in the cart, they will all have the same amount, I wanted this amount to be variable from product to product.

thanks for trying helping!

in that case, if i understand correct, you could have an app variable defined as a list of objects. where the object can have for ex the amount and the name of each product in the cart.

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I tried but I couldn’t, can you send me pictures of how to do this,?


Write it all to a database and then retrieve as you want on your different pages.

The variable should look like this

to add something in the cart you can use


Very,Very,Very Thanks!

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youre welcome, im glad its what youre looking for!