Passing data over pages

Hello, now for couple of days I’m researching how to pass data over the pages -
I would be very happy if someone could advise me.

My project is to make a simple app, a search engine for ideas of what to do with children, which are organized by age group and regarding the type of game. I made a integration whit airtable DB over Reset API. So at the first side you select what age is your chlid, depending on selected age, you choose the type of game you wonna play whit your child, on the next page (step) you get a list of ideas (list of games) that are suitable for play, by choosing a game it open a detailed page. And that’s the whole scenario.

  1. page = select age
  2. page = selcet type of game
  3. page = select a game from a list
  4. page = detailed game instructions

How to start linking pages as easily as possible, I link page 1 and page 2 over page paramters, but passing data next to page 3, I got stuck. Maybe I made a mistake at the start, so I’m here to learn more about it.

I’m newbie on the field and I still have a lot of work to do, but with your help it will be easier for me.

You can use App variables, these vars exist globally and can be accessed from each page.
Alternatively you can work with Page parameters, these are values that you can add to a page and only be accessed within this page.

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Andreas, thanks for your quick response. Ok I will dive in in app variables and I’ll see how it goes. Maybe you have some tutorials nearby? tnx

Use Onboarding Part 3 - Variables - AppGyver for a quick overwiew. If you scroll down you’ll find a video for page params as well.

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