Passing image in the request body - POST operation

I am new to AppGyver and trying to integrate Face APIs from Azure. Using a Postman REST client, I am able to use the POST operation and provide an image file in the request body (binary). I am unable to create a Data Resource where I can test this API for the POST operation. I tried binding the custom properties to Image URL etc, but it doesn’t seem to pass the image as a binary.

Error: JSON error response from server: {“error”:{“code”:“InvalidImageSize”,“message”:“Image size is too small.”}}.status: 400

Resource settings for Create record (POST)

Resource URL:
Relative path: detect

Has anyone tried this before? If so, can you share the steps which you followed?


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Hi Murali,

I meet the same problem, I have to embed in AppGyver a POST request to this Kyma REST Service:

the post request must have this form:

… now my question is how: can I implement the upload of a binary File in AppGyver Post Schema?
I. E:

There is no the FILE type and I have not found a trick to workaround it.

You should use Upload Files flow function

We’ve added some details on using Upload files here
We’re also looking into making the flow function a bit more intuitive to use :slight_smile:

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