Passing json structure to backend java servlet

Hi. First, new to the product…very awesome tool so far. What Im struggling with is learning the correct approach to pass data from the app parms to a backend datasource. I have configured my backend to consume a json object and defined the datasource. How do I get the app parms into one single json object to pass to the datasource? I currently set up a few parms as “any value” to pull in the field values from the form into the app parms. Now how do I get a single complete json structure from the multiple app parms? Should I use javascript to do this or is there a better way? Sorry if this is already covered somewhere…I did some moderate discovery to still be confused. Thanks for any guidance on this.

so, update on this. I see a way to setup a var as type object…then have ‘x’ amount of properties withing the object. I assign field values to those properties. I then built a schema on the data side to post to as an object. I then added a ‘create record’ on my flow from the button tap. I was able to tie the data record to my object. I think im on the right track, just need to move my java servlet to production so I can test. If anyone see’s an issue with this design flow…please let me know

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Hi, the Create Record approach sounds correct! :slight_smile: