PATCH Http Request - Cannot parse date value for field in Airtable

I am very new to Appgyver and have been studying the tutorials and documentation and forum for weeks. I have already had some help from members of this form and hope I can get a few more pointers…

I have managed to GET and CREATE records but I have been trying for days to successfully format a PATCH Http request to my Airtable database. I simply want to update an existing record with date/time from two input fields. ArrivalDate and DepartureDate

The flow function for the input field looks like this…

I have bound the date input field to a page variable.

I have a button with the following flow function.

And the HTTP request body is as below.

I receive the following {“error”:“INVALID_-VALUE_FOR_COLUMN”, “message”:“Cannot parse date value"pageVars.ArrivalDate"for field ArrivalDate”}}

My column/field in Airtable is formatted as a date field including time.

Please can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong. This is just too advanced for me.

Did you carry out the same operation by formatting the AirTable column in text rather than in date?

Actually, it’s fixed but I don’t know how. The http request field looks exactly the same and so does everything els. I think there must’ve been an error in a variable format somewhere because I recreated them all each step of the way and then it all worked. Thanks for responding though.

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