PATCH with Firebase over HTTP Request does not work but with Postman is OK?!?!?

I am trying to make record update with PATCH with HTTP request. Even everything works with Postman, the same parameters over HTTP Request are getting an Error! :frowning:
Here are screenshots form HTTP request and Postman - please help - it looks like some small hint that I am not aware of.

Error message:

{“error”:{“code”:400,“message”:“Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name “”: Root element must be a message.”,“status”:“INVALID_ARGUMENT”,“details”:[{"@type":“",“fieldViolations”:[{“description”:"Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name “”: Root element must be a message.”}]}]}}

If it works in postman and doesn’t in AppGyver, than the only thing I can think of, is that there is a little typing difference.

To check for it: please post a copy of the entire URL and Request body that you are using in AppGyver. (of course you can black-out some personal elements…).

Hey stayfoolish,
I mostly appreciate your help - but I do not see any difference, only spacing formatting of JSON body. But maybe four eyes see more than two:

{“fields”:{“weeklyIntention”:{“stringValue”:“bla new value”}}}

“fields” : {
“weeklyIntention” : {
“stringValue” : “super new test value”

Hi Milan,
ok, I can’t see a typing difference as well.
Very hard to say what the root cause might be :thinking:

Something to try:

  • can you please check if in AppGyver the PATCH works without the “mask” part
  • when using http-request for POST

After a few days vacation from frustration on this case I just tried the “Update Record” from data logic functions. And it works!!! No troubles with PATCH or creating a new record and deleting the old one!

Hi has anyone found a solution to this without using UpdateRecord? (i.e using HTTP Request)

Its driving me insane!