Payload of POST with REST API stays empty


I’ve got a REST API (on AWS) that accepts POST to add new data. When testing that within AWS it works. When testing with Appgyver Data testing, it also works ie data given in the payload (correct Schema as retrieved by the GET in Data) appears in AWS log etc.

However, when using a Data variable bound with the corresponding Data, it does not work. My page having “ADD” button with the relevant logic still results in the payload being POSTed to the AWS but the payload is empty (ie. all the schema JSON fields show up but are empty).

What could be the reason for this…?

ADDED: screenshot claiming incompatibility, but no idea why it claims the Data Scheme from GET would be “text”?

That sounds odd. Is it okay if I take a look at your app and try to figure out what’s the issue? Could you then give me your app id? (You can find it in the app URL ...applications/XYZ/pages instead of the XYZ)

I was double checking once more the data fields and found the reason. As I had changed few times the names of page Data Variable, there were old variable name fields still around in the logic (they were not removed when I removed the data variable). I guess that should not be the case ie. old removed data variables (like deleted from page) should be removed wherever they were used?

Once I changed all fields to correspond the latest variable name I actually had in use, it worked like a charm.

Great to hear you got it working :+1:

I’ll bring your point up and we’ll see if the functionality can be changed or if it would have some unwanted side effects.