Paypal button in app

How do I add Paypal button in the app?

Drag the Star icon from the Basic Components section, then you can change this (under Properties to any of the standard icons). Search for PayPal and you’ll see the PayPal logo and the Double-P logo.

You can attach a flow function to the Component Tap event for this icon to launch a web browser to your specific PayPal link (see your Paypal account for more info). You’ll have to download the “Open URL” function from the Flow Function Market to do this.

Or maybe you already knew that, but what you really meant was “How do I integrate PayPal to accomplish in-app purchases?” Which is a tougher problem. You will definitely need your PayPal account upgraded to business and enable developer. Then there are some intriguing possibilities with REST API, Smart Buttons in a WebView, subscriptions, etc.

Paypal buttons are just URLs, for example like mine:

So you just use an Open URL, or Open Web Browser, or Webview component to use it.

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True, they can just be a simple URL as long as you don’t need confirmation that the funds were captured. If, on the other hand, you want to use this as an in-app purchase to enable extra functionality, then it seems a tighter coupling with PayPal is needed (e.g. use REST API and check response body to make sure the funds transfer was complete). If there’s a way to get this confirmation using just a webview, I’d love to know how.

Assuming that’s not possible, I’ve been reading the PayPal developer docs a lot lately. Unfortunately haven’t made much progress yet as the PP Developer Dashboard is erroring out weirdly when I try to create PayPal app and sandbox accounts for testing. One step forward, 2 steps back. Sigh.

Hey of these which one are y using, because from what i have seen these need to be integrated in the app, which is the one that opens the page from url?