PDF and Word exports?

In my company, I have to generate and email PDFs of invoices and contracts, and generate and email Word documents. Right now, I use Filemaker (similar to Microsoft Access) for all of this, but though they’ve recently released a cloud version of the software, it’s not a real SaaS platform, so I’m looking to switch.

Can AppGyver do this?

This is obviously useful for a Web app. But I can see a salesperson out on a call using an app to, say, generate a quote or a proposal or an invoice for a customer and email it to them right from the app.

– Maria

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Sorry for taking a while to repsond!

Generating a PDF or Word document from some source data in your app is something you’d use a backend service for, so for the time being, this kind of functionality is not on the direct roadmap. We do plan to roll out a Backend-as-a-Service product that makes it super easy to configure and run services like this, but that’s still some time away.

In the meantime, you would find or code a backend service that provides an API that takes your source data and outputs a PDF, and triggers that via the REST API integration (or directly through the HTTP request flow function).

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@Harri_Sarsa is there a way to view that pdf in the native apple pdf viewer and be able to share it with other apps as a pdf? for example print it?

The best way i have found to view and share PDF files is by opening them with the webview component. It has built in functionslity to download or share


how do you use the webviewer? is it possible to open the current page of your app in the web browser. then you can easily do a java-script function with print()

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Hi, any news on a potential solution to generate pdf from appgyver?

To me, this is a must-have from any app if you ant to send information to a third party…