PDF annotations

Hi all,

I have a question about PDFs. The job-to-be-done is opening a pdf file and commenting on a specific part of the document. Like clicking on the specific location and leaving a comment (ideally also attaching/linking photos to the comment).

I know this is probably not directly supported, but I was wondering if there is a workaround or if someone has done this or something similar.

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Hi! Unfortunately, this would require a third party plugin, probably. If you like, you can see if it’s feasible by googling react native pdf annotations or something similar.

Hi Mevi,

Yes, there are plugins that can potentially do this. Thanks. Do you have any idea if this feature is being worked on. No updates there in months.


Hi! I heard today that our team is (after months of being stuck in stabilizing/fixing 2.X) about to be able to start on this feature and the refactoring required to make it possible, so I’m hopeful. It’ll still take a while, as refactoring does, so I’m not able to give out a timeframe, but I hope knowing this is at least a little comfort :slight_smile:

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