PDF Viewer with Base64 string as data source

First of excellent tool.

I have a REST API that delivers PDF as a base64 string. This doc describes source parameter as a local or external file. Can my use case be achieved directly with the base64 data (like react-pdf) or would need to be stored as a local file first? The latter is not ideal for security purposes.

Thanks in advance.

The flow function uses https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-pdf internally, passing the Source parameter to the uri prop of the component.

I don’t have a chance to try it out right now, but the docs seem to indicate that a Base64 string of format


given as uri prop (i.e. Source parameter) will get rendered correctly. Let us know if it works!

(On web, we simply do window.open(source) so if the browser handles Base64 input for window.open, it should work on web too.)

I appreciate the quick reply. Thanks!