Performance Tips for New Appgyver User

Hi All,

I’m new to Appgyver and this forum. I’m also a non-dev who comes here by way of Bubble, where performance was a constant consideration.

Right now, I’m looking to use Appgyver to build the front-end for my product while continuing to use Bubble for my app’s backend (user authentication, server management, backend workflows, etc).

That said, I’m wondering if you could offer any general tips for someone looking to maximize app performance while building on this platform. @SeanHoots and @Harri_Sarsa would love to get your input especially. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!




Tagging along. I’ve been learning AppGyver and Bubble as well.

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Sorry for not getting to this earlier! Nothing comprehensive to offer right now, but the plan is to definitely cover this in AppGyver Academy, which we’re launching soon.