Permissions selected in successful build don't match those in Google Play Console

Anyone ever have a similar Permissions problem?
I selected “Internet” in configuring my AAB.
Google Play console review shows all 14 possible permissions as included and objects to lack of a privacy statement.

Build 366569: Mars At Your Fingertips
Runtime Version: 3.4.5
Status: delivered

Thanks for any insights!
L. B.

Hi! Do you mean privacy policy? Please check out Google’s guides on the topic Prepare your app for review - Play Console Help

No, Mevi, not Google’s Privacy Policy.
From the permissions listed in Appgyver I selected only “Internet”.
In the Developer dashboard it reports “Error” and that I am attempting to allow ALL permissions listed, from both Google and in the Appgyver build configuration.
Thanks for looking into this!
I can provide screenshots next time.

Hi! Please try again with the latest version of the builder (3.4.10). If that does not help, please note that all flow functions you have installed in your app are included when the builder looks at what permissions your app needs – so if you have installed some flow functions onto your canvas you are not using, please uninstall them so they do not appear as permissions needed.

Thanks, Mevi, will try as you suggested!