Phone number based login

I am trying to put a login/singup page with only phone number (including country code too ofcourse). I am lost on how to this with appgyver. Please advise. I am open to intergating with backendless or firebase or some other service for auth but i am at a loss on how to have the input taken as +countrycode phonenumber. Kindly assist. Thanks :slight_smile:


I am facing a similar problem as well. On Firebase -as far as my newbie knowledge goes, it seems like REST API does not support phone number. While there is a “retrieve SMS Code Verification” section in the documentation for Firebase authentication via REST API, it seems to require some coding.

However, I reached out to the folks at APIStacks last week and they mentioned that they want to create an API stack to Phone number based login for Appgyver by Monday, 19th April.

I will recommend you reach out to their team via their website Chatbox or on Twitter, they are quite active there.

In my case, I have resorted to email verification, but regardless I bid you good luck on your journey and I would love to ask that you create a guide on how to accomplish it when you eventually do.

Cheers @Jai

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