Photos taking a while to load

So I have noticed when previewing my app on the SAP Appgyver preview app that photos load very slow. I am uploading text from my database at the same time as the photos and the text shows up right away so I know its not the backend I am using, but the photos take forever to load. Will it be any faster once I actually publish the app? Because honestly I might have to find another UI builder if I can’t get it to load any faster.

Where are you loading the images from and what size are they? The loading times of image files don’t really depend on the platform you’re using. Things that can slow it down are:

  1. Large image file size
  2. Network connection speed
  3. How many images are being loaded at once → don’t load more images than is necessary. If you have a list of repeating components with the images, using the “Recycler view” component will help, as it only loads part of the UI at once.

Look into using the Resize/Compress flow function before uploading.

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It’s probably the file size. I am using Xano for the backend, I will try resizing the images when they are uploaded, I haven’t gotten that far yet. Also, I will try the recycler view!

I will do that, just haven’t gotten that far, thank you!