Pick Date Component Bug

It works in Appgyver preview, but in the real build the date selector pops up without any content visible. You can still drag the dates around. Just can’t see them.

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Hi! I tested pick date with 2.4.28 iOS build and did not have trouble with the date picker :thinking: What version have you been building with?

I have still been using 1.9.22 because 2.4.26 kept crashing on me, but it sounds like that has been fixed. I will test it out.

Hi! There were some downtime-like issues in com (this is when you get the eternal spinner for your app using regular preview, but it opens with preview-legend). If you’re still experiencing these, let us know!

As for the crashing, does it still happen with the latest version (2.4.27, as I don’t think 2.4.28 is yet publicly available)? If yes, and doesn’t happen on 1.9.22, please give me steps I need to reproduce to get the app to crash and I’ll try to see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Hi Mevi
Sorry but… Im a new guy in this so… Im sorry to boder you but my pick date dosn’t work in desktop version (or runnig from mobile version)
I build in Version: 2.6.8 (cause version 1.9.26 does not compile) and app does’t run the component
Can you help me?


Pick date is not web compatible. There’s a separate date picker for web that you can find in the marketplace :slight_smile:

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oh! Ok! Now I see! Thanks!!

I’m having the same problem. But I’m using the date-picker on mobile.

I’m using “pick date time” if that matters.

It works on Android, but is blank on iPhones (but interestingly, not iPads)

The version of date-picker is 1.4.8, released on 2022-09-02.

The app was compiled and released on 4.6.34.

@Mevi @ryan_nisbet

Was there a resolution for this?

Everything is updated on my end and the problem is exactly as described originally by Ryan.
The problem only exists for iPhones.

@Mevi This is still a problem. How do I fix this?